Heritage Surveys

What does the heritiage survey process involve?

The Heritage Survey process will engage Traditional Owner Groups to describe and locate heritage and cultural sites as well as the history and language associated with the group. The process will also seek approval from the Traditional Owners to collect and gather all necessary information associated with the group so that an accurate digital record can be kept. The preservation of culture is the fundamental outcome and guiding principal of Indiya Geospatial and ultimately the Traditional Owners and the wider Australian community.

What data can this service capture?

  • Land boundaries
  • Significant sites
  • Rock art and carvings digitally scanned and photographed
  • Language
  • Land use areas
  • Cultural history and understanding — law and lore
  • Community structure — family tree and hierarchy
  • Traditions, ceremonies and rituals both men and women
  • Stories and spiritual connections
  • Food, medicines, tools and implements

Benefits of this service include:

  • Preservation of Aboriginal culture and heritage at a community base as well as a national and global level
  • Empowering individual groups by providing them with the tools to maintain and retain their culture at a community level
  • Providing a valuable resource for the community when entering negotiations with other groups i.e. mining companies
  • Aboriginal people representing Aboriginal people in negotiations
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest. By understanding the community governances the correct people are contacted during any engagement
  • Avoiding delays in negotiations. By knowing who the major stakeholders are, therefore no time is lost looking for or collecting data
  • Empowering TO’s, provides a level of self-determination and self-esteem. By having Aboriginal people representing Aboriginal people they are making a community based decision rather than an arbitrary decision via an unknown third party
  • Improving respect for TO’s, by having an Aboriginal heritage survey team who are considered to be more culturally aware
  • Potential commercial opportunity by way of “user pays” for heritage information. For those, other than the TO’s, the data would be made available by subscription

Why use Indiya Geospatial?


Indiya Geospatial can establish the framework to effectively manage the heritage and cultural significance of Traditional Owner Groups to protect their heritage and cultural interests.

For more information on our Heritage Survey services, request a brochure or have one of our team members contact you.