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Indiya Geospatial - Mapping the Earth

Indiya Geospatial is an indigenous owned survey company operating throughout offices around Australia including Karratha, Port Hedland, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and its head office based in Perth.

Indiya is a word derived from the indigenous Nhanda language, the region from which our Managing Director Lawrence Hillary is a descendent of, and translates to the word ‘star’. Geospatial, as described in the Cambridge Dictionary, relates to information that identifies where particular features are on the earth's surface, such as oceans and mountains.

Astronomy and the night sky has played a significant role in the traditions of Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years, being used amongst other things to predict changing seasons and the availability of resources. Aboriginal people have also turned to the skies for many years to aid in their navigation, using the stars to help guide their travels. Patterns of stars, referred to as star maps, used as a means of teaching navigation outside of one’s own local country showed the waypoints on the route, usually waterholes or turning places on the landscape, and were used in a similar way to navigating via GPS.  Hence our name Indiya Geospatial, referring to ‘mapping the earth’.

Aerial Surveys

Providing high accuracy, cost effective, aerial surveying solutions with quick turnaround times.

Engineering Surveys

Providing quality surveying services for large civil, port and resource infrastructure projects.

Laser Scanning

Providing rapid acquisition of accurate 3D data in a time and cost effective manner.

Mining Services

Providing experienced mine surveyors and survey technicians combined with leading technology.

Spatial Data Management

Providing solutions to your spatial data needs from specification, data acquisition, data analysis, data management.

Specialist Services

Providing innovative techniques and bespoke solutions combined with leading edge technology.


  • LandSurveys_new
    Full surveying services specialising in aerial, engineering and hydrographic surveys, land development, laser scanning and 3D modelling, mining services, and spatial data management and analysis.
  • Specialist services focused on high accuracy dimensional control surveys, laser scanning and 3D modelling.
  • utility-mapping
    Specialist consultancy focused on subsurface utility detection, 2D and 3D utility surveys, condition assessment, and non-destructive excavation of existing utility services and networks.
  • iSpatial_logo
    Consultancy focused on assisting clients in the earth sciences arena to maximise the return on their spatial data.